Big Baby: 4-8 Months - Dr Golly Sleep Program

Big Baby: 4-8 Months

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What You’ll Learn 

✔️   How to avoid 4mth sleep regression

✔️   Empowering you as a parent with all the basics

✔️   Introducing solids

✔️   Dropping night feeds

✔️   Aim to be sleeping 7pm to 7am by 6 mths

The Dr Golly™️ Sleep Program is a series of online self-paced learning courses.  

Once you purchase a program you will be directed to create an account in the Dr Golly Learning Hub where you will access your course material. 

As you check out from the Dr Golly store be sure to:

a) create an account and  b) opt-in to communication

To ensure you can access the EXCLUSIVE COACHING from Dr Golly as you work your way through the program.