What is the Dr Golly️ Sleep Program? 

The Dr Golly Sleep Program is a series of self-paced online sleep & settling courses to help you get children 0-5 years sleeping in a routine that works for your family. 

What type of content do the Dr Golly️ courses include?

Content varies by age category and ranges from feeding, nutrition, winding, routines, settling techniques and more.

What are the different courses in the Dr Golly️ Program?

There are 6 core aged based courses and 2 supplements that make up the program. 

1.  Newborn: 0-3 weeks 

2.  Little Baby: 3-16 weeks

3.  Big Baby: 4-8 months

4.  Pre-Toddler: 8-12 months

5.  Toddler: 1-2 years

6.  Pre-School: 2-5 years

- Second child supplement

- Twins supplement

How do I access the course?

Once you purchase a program you will be directed to create an account in the Dr Golly Learning Hub  where you will access all your course material. If you don't receive an invitation to the Dr Golly Leaning Hub please check your junkbox as it can often end up in there.  

What can I expect to see in the online course?

We know you’re tired so we’ve tried to make it as easy to consume as possible! 

Program material includes a combination of:

- Videos 

- Written content

- Images/infographics 

- Downloadable/printable routines & charts

- Customised coaching via email 

My baby is XXXX weeks/months old, which program should I purchase?

We understand that sometimes your baby or child will be on the tail end of one Dr Golly age based program and just about ready to start a new one.

The age appropriate routines are uniquely set for your babies needs at that specific time, a few things to keep in mind are:

- If you have a premmie baby the Dr Golly Sleep Program recommends age correction until 6 months of age

- We have set the VIP Bundle Deal at a very discounted price point as we believe each age based program plays an essential role in guiding you through the needs of your baby at that time

- You can start the program at any age 0-5 years, it’s never too late to start healthy sleep routines

If you only want to start out purchasing one course here are our general recommendations on when we think you should go with one program over the other:

- If you baby is 2 weeks or older: go with the Little Baby 3-16 week program

- If your baby is 15 weeks or younger go for the Little Baby 3-16 week program

- If you baby is 15 weeks or older: go with the Big Baby 4-8 month program

- If your baby is 7 months or younger stay in Big Baby 4-8 month program

- If you baby is over 7 months sleeping 12 hours through the night look at the Pre-Toddler: 8-12 months program

What settling techniques do you recommend in the program?

The Dr Golly Program offers a range of different settling techniques, both gentle and more traditional methods. Dr Golly does not recommend letting babies cry it out. The settling techniques differ depending on age.  

We recommend selecting techniques based on your baby's temperament and your own parenting style. There are lists of pros and cons in each of the age based programs to help you choose the best settling solution for your family.

How do I book an appointment with Dr Golly?

To book an appointment with Dr Golly please contact his rooms at Cabrini on (03)95086000. If you haven’t got a referral already and want the appointment subsidised by medicare you will need to get your GP to complete a referral form Dr Golly’s rooms can arrange in person and telehealth appointments.

How much does an appointment with Dr Golly cost?

Dr Golly's practice rooms are separate to the Sleep Program.  The cost for an appointment varies on time and whether the consultation is covered by medicare etc, for all these questions it's best to call his rooms at Cabrini direct on (03)95086000.

I've been using the program for a while now, and there's something that's not covered, not working or not making sense, what do I do?

Each age based program has a section of FAQs and trouble shooting at the end, please check these first. 

Right nowwe don't offer customised sleep consultations or support but we're always interested in your feedback and improving the program. Please write to us at from the email you made your purchase with.  No matter how big or small the problem seems, we'll most likely ask you 10 really important questions which will give us a better understanding of what's happening so we can answer you correctly.

How long will I have access to the program?

You will have access to the sleep program indefinitely.  If for whatever reason the program is no longer available online you will receive a full PDF of the entire course. 

I've purchased a $100 program and I'd like to upgrade to the VIP Bundle Deal can I get a discount?

Yes you will! Keep an eye on your inbox for $100 AUD discounts to upgrade or write to us at with the email you made your purchase with and we'll take care of it.