What is the Dr Golly️ Sleep Program? 

The Dr Golly Sleep Program is a series of self-paced online sleep & settling courses to help you get children 0-5 years sleeping in a routine that works for your family. 

What type of content do the Dr Golly️ courses include?

Content varies by age category and ranges from feeding, nutrition, winding, routines, settling techniques and more.

What are the different courses in the Dr Golly️ Program?

There are 6 core aged based courses and 2 supplements that make up the program. 

1.  Newborn: 0-3 weeks 

2.  Little Baby: 3-16 weeks

3.  Big Baby: 4-8 months

4.  Pre-Toddler: 8-12 months

5.  Toddler: 1-2 years

6.  Pre-School: 2-5 years

- Second child supplement

- Twins supplement

How do I access the course?

Once you purchase a program you will be directed to create an account in the Dr Golly Learning Hub  where you will access all your course material. 

What can I expect to see in the online course?

We know you’re tired so we’ve tried to make it as easy to consume as possible! 

Program material includes a combination of:

- Videos 

- Written content

- Images/infographics 

- Downloadable/printable routines & charts

- Customised coaching via email 

How do I access EXCLUSIVE COACHING from Dr Golly?

As you check out from the Dr Golly store be sure to:

a) create an account and 

b) opt-in to communication

Note:  You will be asked to create an account profile in our store and an account in the Dr Golly Learning Hub.