OUR TEAM - Dr Golly Sleep Program

Dr Daniel Golshevsky is a Melbourne based paediatrician and father of three. Specialising in unsettled babies Dr Golly developed this program through his work with thousands of babies over more than a decade of practice. With a focus on empowering parents, Dr Golly turns up the volume of that innate parental instinct, to help you understand your baby's cues, bringing everyone closer to a full night's sleep.

Alex Dawkins is a midwife, nurse, certified sleep consultant and mother of 3. She has worked with Dr Golly for many years as well as running her own sleep consultancy practice, and between the two of them have helped thousands of unsettled babies learn to sleep more soundly. Her passion is helping parents establish healthy sleep habits for their babies and children from a young age to teach them to love their sleep.

Alannah O’Kane is a business strategist and mother of two. She cut her teeth helping to scale Hydralyte & Uber in Australia. “Golly taught my husband Sam and I how to be chilled parents to babies who sleep! After our first appointment we had our baby sleeping 7 hours through the night at 6 weeks. When he asked me to help scale this product so other parents could access his methods I couldn’t say no!”