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Accessing the program content:

Once you purchase your program you will be sent a link to create an account in our learning centre, to access our Dr Golly Learning Hub click here.

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1. One is for us to manage all your details so we keep you up to date with age appropriate advice and content - you will have been asked to complete this at checkout, you can always update you information at any time simply click here

2. The other is so you can access the program content in our learning centre. You will have been sent an email about creating this account after you purchased your program. To access the Dr Golly Learning Hub click here.

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First: Check you are logging into the correct account with the correct details.

Remember we have 2 logins:

1. To update your details use this account here.

2. To access the Dr Golly Learning Hub and your program content click here.

Failing this please contact us via the CONTACT US form and our team will help you out.

General questions:

Yes you will! Keep an eye on your inbox for $100 AUD discount codes.

Yes! You'll be able to send your friends & family $20 AUD promo codes through a custom link you'll be emailed. For every friend you refer you'll also receive $20 AUD off your next purchase with us.

Right now we don't offer tailored sessions for the Dr Golly Baby Sleep Program.

It is possible to see Dr Golly in a formal paediatrician setting in person or via zoom.

If you would like to make an appointment with Dr Golly at his rooms in Cabrini Malvern (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) please get your GP to complete the GP referral form.

You can also book directly by calling his rooms on (03) 9508 6000.

Dr Golly Program Questions

The Dr Golly Sleep Program is an online sleep & settling course to help you get children 0-5 years sleeping in a routine that works for your family. Content ranges from feeding, nutrition, winding, routines, settling techniques and more.

There are 6 core aged based courses and 2 supplements that make up the program. 

6x Aged Based Programs: 

- Newborn: 0-3 weeks 

- Little Baby: 3-16 weeks

- Big Baby: 4-8mths

- Pre-Toddler: 8-12mths

- Toddler: 1-2 Years

- Pre-School: 2-5 Years

2x Supplements: 

- Second child

- Twins

Once you purchase your program on the website you will be directed to create an account in our Dr Golly Learning Centre.

Each age based program has a section of FAQs at the end, please check these first. Right now we don't offer tailored sessions for individual families but we're always interested in your feedback. Please write to us via our CONTACT US form and we'll do our best to get back to you.