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Should Babies Snooze Without SNOO cots?

Seldom does a consulting day go by without someone asking my opinion regarding the Snoo.

This space-age bassinet was designed by a US paediatrician to simulate settling methods (swaddling, rocking, etc) intended to elongate a baby’s sleep and help them overcome unsettled behaviour.

For many sleep-deprived parents, this provides much-needed respite from frequent feeds and excessive crying. Essentially, it’s a robotic night-nanny responding to your baby’s cry volume, rocking and shushing your baby through the night.

Aside from the exorbitant price tag, the Snoo is bulky, hefty and lacks a camera. There are also fears regarding security, with US embedded-device security firm RedBalloon recently hacking a Snoo via WiFi, to make it shake violently, to highlight security vulnerabilities. Furthermore, although pitched to reduce the incidence of SIDS, the actual SIDS guidelines continue to recommend an empty cot/bassinet with a firm mattress; no gimmicks.

Also, although there’s no current evidence for harm regarding radiation exposure, I remain somewhat reluctant to have so much gadgetry around a newborn baby.

Finally, and most importantly, the Snoo misses the point.

Put simply, if your baby needs constant resettling, then there is something being missed that’s causing this unsettled behaviour.

The key is to identify it, then remedy it. Once this is done, you won’t need any robots to hush your baby through the night.

I see countless babies with untreated causes of unsettled behaviour, from colic to eczema, protein intolerance to reflux, and everything in between. I deeply believe that glossing over these treatable conditions does a disservice to babies.


Prevention is the key, so yes - babies should snooze without SNOOs.


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