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Colic is no rite of passage.

Search colic online and you’ll mostly find two things: ways to settle or distract an unsettled baby, and reassuring messages of hope, that this torturous period will pass. Incredibly, neither of these seek to find the underlying cause of colic, treating it instead as some newborn rite of passage.

This is absolutely wrong.

Colic is a word that describes a baby who cries excessively (defined by the Wessel rule of 3 - more than 3 hours a day, for more than 3 days a week - for 3 weeks). Diagnosing colic is no more than attaching an adjective, describing an unsettled baby but not seeking to understand why.

Yes, babies cry. Yes, it is a form of communication. But excessive crying, frequent feeding, unsettled behaviour, short sleeps – these are all caused by something and the key to eradicating this colic is to understand WHY.

There are myriad reasons why babies cry excessively, from wind to illness, hunger to eczema, and everything in between. Fascinatingly, parental instinct as to the cause of unsettled behaviour correlates strongly with true causes.

The better you understand your baby’s cues, the better you will be at interpreting their needs and deciphering the messages within their cries.

The Dr Golly Sleep Program  is designed to turn the volume up on that innate, parental instinct and empower you to prevent unsettled behaviour, not endure it.

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